II-Ship supply & Service:
1./ Life saving equipments: Life boat & Raft’s equipment - Fire fighting equipments – Manoverboat – Epirb - Sat.
2./ Deck stores, engine stores, electric stores, .and spare part fabrication as designation.
3./ Chemicals for clean and maintenance.
4./ Cargo block maintenance, measurement and fabrication with loading test certificate.
5./ Provision, fresh water, ramneck, lub oil..
III-Ship repair & Service:
1./ M/E, Main engine’s spare parts - Generator - Boiler - Pump - Valve - Air compressor - Derrick-crane  - Winch - Motor rewind - Air. conditioner - Refrigeration system…
2./ Radar – Gyro compass - GPS - GMDSS - INMASAT - VHF…
3./ Electric control panel - Alternator and electrical equipments…
4./ Outfitting & steel and piping hot works.
5./ Under water works - Chipping - Painting and tank clean with gas free certificate…
If your company has  any ship arrive to İstanbul or any port of Turkey, in case your vessels need to repair or supply stores. 
Pls  contact to our company,  we will do with competitive price.

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