About Us

Rana Shipping board of directors have substantial experienced in the shipping industry. Our management team is based in Istanbul and includes several executives with extensive experience in the shipping industry who have demonstrated substantial ability with high degree of safety, quality and efficiency in managing the commercial, technical and financial aspects of our business.

We operate fleet of drybulk carriers with modern handy carriers as compared to advantage under management structure. The fleet are reduces operating costs and fuel consumption; allows us to secure favorable financing terms by enabling lenders to feel secure with their collateral; makes our fleet more reliable by reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and off-hire; provides us with a competitive advantage in securing favorable time charters from charterers who prefer vessels that have greater fuel efficiency than older vessels and can serve with fewer interruptions due to breakdows. We benefit from strong relationships with members of the shipping and financial industries.

We have developed strong relationships with major international charterers, shipbuilders and financial institutions that we believe are the direct result of the quality and experience of our management team. We intend to maintain the high quality of our existing fleet and subsequent acquisitions by maintaining, through our technical managers, a rigorous and comprehensive maintenance program, including supervision by our experince stuff. Additionally, our technical managers maintain the quality of our vessels by carrying out regular inspections, both while in port and at sea. We believe that this ongoing maintenance program can ultimately reduce periods of off-hire and increase renues.

Capitalize on our management team's reputation for high standards of performance, reliability and safety.

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